• Peace of Mind:  Know what's wrong and what isn't BEFORE you buy.

  • Purchasing Power:  Many lenders and attorneys are requiring inspections.


  • Peace of Mind:  Sellers are required to disclose any defects. What you don't know can hurt you when it comes to selling your home. Hiring your own inspector eliminates surprises once you have an interested buyer.

  • Quicker Sale at Higher Price:  If your inspector finds defects before you're ready to sell, you can fix them before going to market. If the Buyer's inspector finds defects, it may lengthen negotiations, lower bid price, or even kill the deal.


  • Happier Clients:  Should clients find issues they believe were not disclosed, they are going to hold you responsible. A home inspection report puts it in writing. They will know what they are buying before they buy and they will thank you for it.

  • Increased Referrals:  People talk. People happy with their purchase tell their friends.

  • Professional Image:  Nothing shows you're looking out for your client like making sure one of the biggest investments of their life is a sound one. Make sure you do it right; call Dun-Rite.


  • They are built by people:  People are not standardized or computerized. People can make mistakes.

  • Defects:  Up to 15% of new residences have serious defects.

  • The most common defects:  Roofs and water intrusion in windows and doors.

  • Who's doing what?:  Many crews from different trades do the work. This can result in a loss of continuity. No single person monitors the construction of a house.


  • Save Money:  Find the small repair and fix it; before it becomes a BIG repair.

  • Budgeting:  When that surprise big repair falls from the sky or the roof, finding the money to fix it can be difficult. Find those big repairs before they become critical and plan to have them fixed.

  • Lack of Ability:  Not everyone has the time, physical ability, or savvy to inspect their home. We can help.

  • Learn About Your Home:  Let us help you see your home in a whole new light.