Dun-Rite Home Inspection's Pledge to you:

We could tell you about how we love what we do, 24/7 service and support, our extensive network of construction and inspection professionals.

We could go on to tell you that we are family friendly, safety focused and that we are family owned and locally operated. It's all true. That's why we spent thousands of hours testing and finally designing and refining our own report. Because.....

Dun-Rite Home Inspection


  • We use one of, if not the most complete and thorough reports on the market today.

  • The report is customized for us to use by us. It was designed for the way we think and the way we inspect.

  • It is not some ready-made template made by someone else that we are trying to adapt ourselves to. The report is adapted to us.

  • Because we designed the report, anytime we find a need to change the report due to changes in regulations or safety practices or just to make it better for our clients, WE DO. The report also undergoes a complete cover to cover evaluation and update every year.

  • The report was designed to be easy to use with a table of contents in the front and a summary section in the back.

  • The report covers your home room by room, the way a homeowner looks at it and system by system, the way a construction professional looks at it.

  • With additional information about the features of your home, home maintenance and home safety; you may find you keep and use your home inspection report for the entire time you own your home. Many of our clients do.