We'd like to share some of the nice things our clients have said about us.

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Katie of Harvard sent this in an e-mail:

          I just wanted to thank you for the great job that you did on the inspection. I feel that we left no stone unturned or outlet uninspected! I believe that I now have an accurate idea of the flaws and the strengths of the property, and it was also nice of you to point out items that would need routine maintenance--stuff that, as a first time home buyer, I overlooked.

Marcial of Belvidere wrote this on Google:

          I hired this company to inspect a home before closing the deal and had a gentleman named Ron do the work. He was extremely detailed in his work. He was very friendly and seemed to know a lot of amazing suggestions to help improve the house. He took four hours to inspect the entire house down to every last outlet and window. (I mean this guy took his time and didn't do a rushed or sloppy job like others out there.) I am very confident in his ability to fully inspect a house and spot any possible problems.

          After the inspection he was able to provide me with a extremely detailed and professional-looking report,along with a digital copy of it with all the many hi-resolution pictures he took. On top of that, he sent me an email with instructions on how to access a full copy of his report and pictures through the internet.

          He spotted a big electrical problem and explained to me in detail of what needed to be done. I later showed the report to my lawyer and he was able to obtain a credit for me from the seller to fix the problem.

          I would definitely do business again with him in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspector.

          Thanks Dun-Rite!

Monique of Mount Prospect said this in an e-mail:
(After deciding not to purchase the home we inspected)

          We have decided to pass. But, I want to thank you so much for being beyond thorough and allowing me to walk through with you. I have learned so much. Hopefully, we are able to find a house soon and you'll be able to inspect if for us!

When asked if we could share her kind words as a testimonial, Monique had this to say:

          Yes... yes... you can use my words as a testimonial... I have praised you to my company as well as friends and will continue to do so; I have friends that are looking to buy a home and I know they'll need your services.

          I'll be in touch.

          Thank you.

Mark a Property Manager and Realtor shared this statement:

          When it comes to home inspections, I will never have to worry about a referral gone bad. I know my clients will be in good hands with Dun-Rite Home Inspection. Their attention to detail and expertise make them an easy choice.

          I have used and will continue to use Dun-Rite Home Inspection for all of my personal real estate transactions, and I highly recommend them to any potential buyer.

Nancye a property investor from Chicago wrote:

          Ron proved to be a key player on my team of real estate experts. He provides extremely professional and thorough services. I greatly respect and appreciate his attention to detail.

          Upon completion of the inspection, his consultation is not only educational, it also provides the confidence to make an intelligent decision.

          Inspector Ron corsello is every real estate investor's best friend.

John and Venise of Belvidere had this to say:

          We have used Ron Corsello of Dun-Rite Home Inspection on two separate occasions and could not be happier with his work.

          We were so impressed by his thoroughness that when we had a second home we needed inspected Ron Corsello was the obvious choice. Once again he was very accommodating to our schedule and took whatever time needed to look over every inch of our house and when the job was finished we received a full in depth report with pictures and CD Rom.

          Ron at Dun-Rite gives you great peace of mind knowing when you buy your home there will be no surprises. That and his professional attitude are the reasons I would use him again and not hesitate to recommend his service to anyone.

Mark from Lake Zurich wrote:

          Thank you for all your help. You did a great job and I would highly recommend your service to anyone seeking a home inspection.

Russel & Gina of Poplar Grove completed a customer service survey stating:

          Ron did such a thorough job, looking over every detail of the house we wanted to buy. I would definitly hire him again if need be. He answered all of our questions and put our minds at ease to know the house we wanted was O.K. to buy.

          The problems found by Ron were fixed by the previous owners.

          Thanks a million Ron !! !!!

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